San Francisco Bay Area Forecast 1 to 2 days (02/27/21-03/01/21)  Mostly clear tonight through Monday. High temperatures mostly in the low to mid 60’s to low 70’s. Lows in the low to mid 40’s. Light winds.

Extended Forecast for Central California (Including Napa County south along the Big Sur Coastline and east to the Central Sierras 3 to 7 days (03/01-03/05/21 Partly cloudy at times Monday night through Friday. High temperatures mostly in the mid to high 60’s. Low temperatures in mostly in the 40’s.

Long Range Weather Outlook Northern and Central California 8 to 15 days (03/06/21 – 03/13/21) Chance of rain or showers at times otherwise partly cloudy. Near normal temperatures during the period.

Very Long Range Weather Outlook Northern and Central California 16 to 20 days (03/14/21 – 03/17/21) – Chance of rain or showers at times to the northern third of California and a slight chance further south at times otherwise partly cloudy at times during the period. Near normal temperatures.

Northern and Central California 1 to 7 day forecast  Skies are mostly clear over Central and Southern California and partly cloudy in far Northern California this morning as the jet stream continues to stay mostly north of California.  The jet stream will continue in the north for the next few days and bring some unsettled weather to far northern California at times later in the period with a slight chance of showers at times, otherwise fair weather will continue in Central and Southern California through the week into next week with mild daytime temperatures.  A trough dropping south out of the Gulf of Alaska over the weekend is expected to cut off from the jet stream west of the state early next week before gradually moving towards Southern California around the middle of next week that will bring a chance of rain to the Southern California later Wednesday and eventually bring a better chance of rain to California by next weekend, but it is still too early to predict the timing and extent of the rain.

Northern and Central California 8 to 15 day extended forecast    The most recent computer models show an an upper level trough off the west coast early in the period that will gradually increase the threat of precipitation over California early in the period but there is still uncertainty about the timing and extent of precipitation to Northern and Central California.  A secondary trough droppping southeast towards the state later in the period may produce more chances of wet weather for Northern California.  Stay tuned for updates as the models are showing major run to run shifts in the longer range outlooks.  Temperatures should average near normal during the period.

Northern and Central California 16 to 20 day extended Forecast – The most recent computer model is showing a strong jet stream into the Pacific Northwest that would bring a chance of rain or showers into the north third of the state at times,  otherwise the weather will be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy during the period, but confidence in this forecast is still low at this time as the models keep making significant adjustments this far out in the extended forecast.   Temperatures should average near normal.



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