About Richard

Richard Stolee is an amateur meteorologist who has been forecasting California weather for over 40 years. He has emailed his long-range Bay Area weather forecasts for over 1000 residents in California and has posted his forecasts on wordpress.com for many years. He will post his long-range forecast updates about every twelve hours but more often during the rainy season in California. If you would like updates or forecasts outside of California, he will respond to your requests.



  1. Thanks for watching Richard….I hope the fishing will improve with the increase water from the heavens and more runoff to help the salmon move upstream.

    • Nat,

      I do forecast for Palo Alto but it is included in the overall Bay Area forecast which includes the north and the south bay areas. The Central California long range forecast also includes Palo Alto. I have many folks from all over the Bay Area who read my forecast and it would be too difficult to have specific forecasts for each community and there are not that many differences to warrant separate forecasts.

  2. thanks Carol…hope you keep on visiting….

  3. Yes, but they are mostly similar to the amounts received at the airport and probably downtown. How much did you pick up downtown during the past week?

  4. Hi Richard,
    Thank you for provding forecast to Bay Area. I
    am not sure that you cover Caribbean area but am going to post a question anyway. I would like to know what’s your forecast for Carribean area around June time frame especially hurricane related weather, as our family plans to visit that area this year?
    Thank you,

    • wow you do like to throw challenges in my direction. The only thing that a forecaster has at his disposal in giving your family a Carribean forecast is the typical climate conditions of the particular places you will be visiting in June and the general hurricane forecast which only gives the probable frequency of Atlantic hurricanes for the 2010 hurricane season which is primarily based upon El Nino/La Nino conditions. This seasonal outlook is published by the national weather service in May but will not tell you anything about where or when a hurricane will imapct the Carribean. What you do have in your favor, is that the hurricane season for the Atlantic region is usually later in the summer. So based upon general climatic conditions, I would forecast partly cloudy, very humid, with scattered thundershowers at times for most of the region. Easterly waves can enhance the precipitation and bring more widespread, heavy thundershowers. Temperatures will be in the high 80’s and low 90’s.

  5. Nancy

    There is no high pressure front that I know of. The low pressure front, otherwise known as a “cold front” is the leading edge of cold air which comes in behind the front. The cold air which descends causes the warm air to rise as it sinks producing strong rain. The jet stream is the strong current of air from west to east in the N. Hemisphere and from east to west in the S. Hemisphere that storms follow along. It is usually the strongest halfway between the low and high pressure areas. I think you can google these questions for more scientific explanations.


  6. The link for season rainfall totals is broken. Where can I find the annual precipitation records for the past 10 or so years?

  7. Hi Richard: Thanks for your forecasts! Can you recommend a not-too-expensive rain and temperature gauge for someone who loves to know how much precipitation we’ve had?

  8. Hello Richard!

    • Hi Liz…..Hope you are enjoying our well above average rainfall and green hills. More to come in the new year in our La Nina weather pattern that can be wet in the northwest and dry in the southwest; therefore a toss up for the Bay Area. Richard

      • Thank you. I’m feeling we may be having an early Spring this coming year. What do you think?

  9. Can you discuss long range forecasting / 6 to 12 months out …Contra Costa County , Ca.. Is it of any value ?… I have a old roof and would like to know what this coming rainy season will be like .. , particularly compared to last year .Thank you

    • Long range weather forecasting is still quite a challenge. Typically we use El Nino and La Nina patterns to forecast long range trends. El Nino patterns are suppose to bring above average rainfall to Southwestern United States and Southern California while La Nina patterns ususally show above average rainfall in the Pacific Northwest. Notice that the San Francisco Bay Area is about in the middle. The largest El Nino pattern on record two years ago did not produce the kind of weather effect that we would have suspected. (My hunch is that global warming may have resulted in less cold air being transmitted southward from Alaska therefore there was not the intensity of the storms that may have resulted from the combination of the warm El Nino currents and cold air from Alaska.) On the other hand, last year we had basically an Enso Neutral pattern (Neither El Nino or La Nina) and we had a record breaking rain and snow in the Sierras and well above normal rainfall in California. So……….using all of our favored methods of forecasting seasonal rainfall, you would have a very difficult time predicting rainfall for the winter; much less determine when the best time to replace your roof or whether your roof will make it through the winter. My hunch is that we will have another year of above normal rainfall and snowfall because the pattern is similar to last year and because we had a number of drought years preceding.

  10. thank you,frank

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